3on3 WOD

3on3 2019 @ Varkiza Resort - Holy Spirit Beach Bar

Embrace! The workouts are LIVE!

Get it DONE - For Time

*One Athlete Works at a Time
120/90 Calories Row
90/60 Calories Assault Bike
Check out: 60 Burpees - In Sync

Pick Your POISON - For Time

*In a Relay Manner
100 m SUP
100 m SWIM
400 m RUN

Work the CORE - AMRAP

Athlete 1: 20 m Sand bag Carry
Athlete 2 and 3: in Plank
*Transition is 3 in Sync Down Ups

The BATTLE Ground - For Time

1 Round Obstacle Course - One Behind the other
120 Russian KB Swings 24/16 kgs
1 Round Obstacle Course
120 G2O 25/15 kgs
1 Round Obstacle Course
120 in Sync Air Squat (below Parallel is VITAL!!)

For ANY Questions or comments, please INBOX us to clarify!
Let's Rock and ROLL!!!! #fitnessonthebeach